A computer vision and machine learning testing platform

An end-to-end testing and debugging platform to surface hidden behaviors, compare models, iterate faster, and deploy AI products with confidence.

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Explore high-resolution test results.

  • Test against your specific product objectives.
  • Deploy the right models and the right thresholds for the task.
Kolena dashboard showing high resolution ML model test results with optimization thresholds and learning improvements

Create and curate laser-focused tests.

  • Use our Test Case Studio™ to slice through your data and assemble test cases in minutes.
  • Cultivate quality tests by removing noise and improving annotations without disruption.

Automatically surface failure modes and regressions.

  • Capture regressions and pinpoint exact issues to address.
  • Extract commonalities among failures to learn model weaknesses.
Integrate seamlessly

Integrate seamlessly into your workflows.

  • Hook into existing data pipelines and CI systems with the kolena-client Python client.
  • Keep your data and models in your control at all times.

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